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Business & Private, Slovenia -Italy, GO2025

Craft your unforgettable experience or event with us 

Are you a tour operator or company looking for an extraordinary destination for your business event or team building that blends culture, natural beauty, and diverse activities? Are you a passionate traveler who’d like to impress your family and friends with unforgettable moments? We are the local partner you can rely on!

Venture into the heart of Europe, where the rich tapestry of Slovenia and Italy's cross-border region awaits. This is a land where every corner offers a postcard-perfect scene, from the serene Adriatic Sea to the rolling vineyard-clad hills, mountain rivers and lakes. Within one day you, your clients or employees can elevate their adrenaline with extreme sports like rafting and paragliding or can indulge in the tranquility of walking, hiking, yoga, and spa retreats.

In about 1 hour you can rich almost all picturesque venues and cities like Lubiana, Bled, Piran, Venice, Trieste, Grado, etc.

Connect with us today and let's design an experience that will leave lasting impressions on you, your clients or team. Your adventure through the heart of Slovenia and Italy's hidden gems begins with a simple click.

Contact us now to embark on a journey beyond expectations! 

Business Events

Engage in corporate team buildings to create team spirit and enforce your business

Make off-site convention or business meetings in a castle or historical villa

Discover unconventional venues for memorable retreats

Chose a unique incentive journey to gratify your employees and business partners. Make it an occasion to interact outside the usual context.