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We are a team of passionate ladies, in love with people and places uniqueness

We love life, having fun and seizing the day.

We want to listen, understand and plan it all for you.

We’ll make it perfect-fit for you.

We’ll make the magic.


Let us be your inspiration

your local partner,

your expert guide and

a helping hand,

a trustworthy friend!

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 Bon'aventura  Events


This You are unique and so will be the experiences you'll live with us!

In a territory that has it all’ll see the magic!

No need of special effects..

Our nature, history and art make for instant magic here!

But let us show you more...

So many different landscapes, so many different and real-life stories to tell.

So many secret places, still hidden to the locals.. …or pretended to be, as they have kept them secret for long

Shhhh, don’t unveil the treasure

From the mountains to the sea.. along vineyards-covered hills and valleys..

All this beauty! All this peace and postcard-places!

Yet, it is not for everyone.. It is not for mass tourism nor only for “taste and go” trips..

It is for those who can listen and willing to explore, who will enjoy it slow and taste it all .. trying to understand the magic behind!

You don’t want to miss out, we are not going to miss out

natura cuore rosa .png
natura cuore rosa .png

The Small Details that make

"At Bon'aventura we understand the importance of having a reliable partner by your side when planning unforgettable journeys and remarkable events. We take pride in being the go-to destination management company that you can trust for seamless and unique experiences in the heart of Europe. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Whether it's a corporate event, a team-building retreat, a wedding, private or group excursion or journey, we are specialized in tailoring experiences to meet your unique requirements.

Our meticulous planning ensures that every detail aligns with your vision. From venue selection to activity planning, we ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for you and your group.

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